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Futuraskolan runs international preschools and schools in Stockholm. In total, the schools house more than 3 000 children/students.

Our vision: We who work at Futuraskolan have a vision – to be good enough at what we do so that you and others see us as the prime stepping stone for future citizens of the world. We want to prepare you for a global start in your life unlike any other school.

Our core values: Setting targets for yourself is important and like most schools, we aim at our very own goals. However, we are also careful about how we act along the way. In other words: what sort of culture we are developing. Culture is often said to “permeate the walls”, however in our schools it’s primarily distinguished by our core values:

  • We are progressive
  • We have energy
  • We show respect

Progressiveness means that we stay on top of the latest discoveries regarding pedagogy and teaching. We stop only to reflect at what we have learned. We always want to outdo ourselves and get even better the next time we do something.

Energy means that we take initiative and show creativity. We possess open minds and close no doors, neither literally or figuratively. We are committed and see a challenge in every problem. We always  Vi är engagerade och ser en utmaning i varje problem.

Respect comes down to us being clear about what is appropriate, inappropriate, right and wrong. Respect is something you earn and we expect everyone – co-workers, students, parents and partners – to show each other a mutual respect.

Our promise: We at Futuraskolan also make a promise: With us, every child and student will be seen, challenged and successful. This means that we see all our children and students both indoors and outside. We give them attention and listen to their individual needs. We nurture every individual so she reaches her full potential and is satisfied. This we promise.

Find more information about our schools at the Futuraskolan web site!