We want to contribute with added societal benefit

Tisenhult-gruppen has a long-term perspective. To act and to operate in a way that encourages a sustainable development of both the climate and environment as well as humans and the economy is a given for us. Our way to express that we care for our world is to say that the daily work in our operations shall lead to universal improvements and increased societal benefit.

Actively working toward long-term sustainability should be a core tenet and natural part of each subsidiary’s business model. Our sustainability work is based on a clear focus for development and a striving to constantly achieve improvements. Each subsidiary acting based on quality, customer service and with a long-term perspective provides, in turn, sustainable business models, products and services.

The subsidiaries of Tisenhult-gruppen are active in markets such as preschools and schools, housing, fashion, construction, industry, forestry, agriculture and animal breeding. By obtaining leading positions in selected niches we add important societal benefit, such as increased freedom and diversity in Swedish schools, a flexible housing market, sustainable fashion, safe workplaces, environmentally sustainable buildings and a rich and varied animal and plant life.

Many of our subsidiaries have different environmental and quality certifications, but more important than that is our focus on ethical business acumen and our clear requirements regarding growth, profitability and development. This combined with our positive view on our co-workers and a strong corporate philosophy based on simplicity, responsibility and freedom brings us toward new improvements in ourselves and in our world.

Our latest sustainability report, in Swedish, can be found here.


To actively strive toward long-term sustainability and constant improvements should be a core part of each company’s business model.


By establishing leading positions in selected niches we can create societal benefits, such as freedom of choice, safety and environmentally sustainable products and solutions.


An ethical business acumen combined with our basic requirements for growth, profitability and development along with a corporate philosophy based on simplicity, responsibility and freedom helps us achieve a sustainable business.