the soul

Simplicity, responsibility and freedom.

The corporate philosophy or “soul” of our operations consists of three core values: simplicity, responsibility and freedom. These core values describe our way to act and our positive view of our co-workers. The corporate philosophy is important to us. Working based on simplicity, responsibility, and freedom unleashes strong driving forces in our organisation, which in turn creates energy and gives staff members a will to change and the ability to find new solutions.


Simplicity is central to all of our operations. It has to be simple for clients, suppliers and partners to work with us and it has to be simple for our staff members to work in the group. Simplicity for us is to operate in a highly decentralised organisation, free from bureaucracy and with the ability to make quick business decisions. We create efficiency through an informal management without unnecessary meetings and by using simple targets instead of detailed budgets.

Simplicity is not about being fast or careless, but about simplifying problems and not lose oneself in the details. Developing simple solutions takes a lot of effort but working with them requires few resources.


The most important business decisions are made where the knowledge is greatest – close to the market. To be able to work efficiently and to make decentralised decisions, each co-worker needs to fully be responsible for his or her duties.

Staff members of Tisenhult-gruppen enjoy a large degree of freedom, but also a clearly defined responsibility. We trust our co-workers, which also leads to a will to change and a drive to find new and improved solutions. Taking, and receiving, responsibility is important both for the company and for the personal development of each staff member.


Tisenhult-gruppen offers freedom with responsibility, but never freedom without responsibility or indeed responsibility without freedom. With freedom comes the right to solve a task based on certain targets without further supervision. Our staff members move forward together towards clear and common targets, but with the freedom to make their own decision and find their own solutions on the way there. Freedom develops both the individual, and us as a company.