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Bostad Direkt

Your number one choice when subletting since 1994

Bostad Direkt has more than 20 years of experience in mediating second-hand residences to individuals and corporate clients.

We are specialists in subleasing and Sweden’s leading mediator of second-hand residences. Since our start in 1994 we have gathered a profound knowledge about the subleasing market as well as the juridical questions that concern subleasing and residential mediation. Hiring Bostad Direkt is a security for all parties. Using our large subleasing market you can easily find a new residence or lease out your current one.

Bostad Direkt has 10 employees that are well versed in the subleasing market while maintaining a substantial local knowledge of the Stockholm area in particular. We strive to help our clients via phone and e-mail. Our customer service is available to assist you with support and counsel during our office hours. You are also welcome to visit our offices in person. Welcome!

Find a new second hand lease quick and easy at Bostad Direkt!