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Vent Group Nordic

A unique alternative to the giants - We are an independent ventilation wholesale dealer with unique experience and many years in the business. During the years, we have learned to find effective solutions for the most complicated questions and problems. We adapt our selection of goods according to your needs. Today we stock products from leading suppliers that we consider the best in their respective areas.

Everything you need, and more – We are located in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. In all places, we have gathered a store, our offices and our warehouses. Amongst our products you will find everything you need to start, implement and complete your ventilation project. Here you can find tools, machines, fire dampers and products that are required to renovate even older ventilation facilities. Do you wish to know more about our products? Visit www.vgnordic.se or come on over and we’ll show you around.

Same day deliver, wherever you want it – At Vent Group Nordic you can easily pick up your order. We can also deliver to you directly at your build site. Even if it’s just a bag of bolts, we’ll deliver your order the very same day (or early next morning if you order late in the afternoon). We deliver using our own staff and our own trucks.

Good advice – Ventilation has been our business since the 80s. In other words we know what we do. You don’t just get the right materials at the right time from us, we will also give you some good advice (if you want it or need it). We stay of top of the latest news and trends to always give you the best and most cost efficient solutions. In our web shop you can always place an order and make some quick calculations for any project.

Find anything you need for your ventilation project at Vent Group Nordic!