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Lagercrantz Group

Lagercrantz is a technology group that offers world-leading, value-creating technology, using either proprietary products or products from leading suppliers. The group consists of about 40 companies, each with a niche focus on a specific sub-market – a niche. High value-creation is common to all subsidiaries, including a high degree of customisation, support, service and other services.

Lagercrantz is active in seven countries in Europe and in China and the US. The Group has more than 1,200 employees and revenue of approximately SEK 3 billion. The Company’s shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since 2001.

The business is organised in four divisions:

Electronics offers special products in embedded electronics, industrial wireless communication, RFID and lighting control.
Mechatronics offers electric connections systems, electric installation materials, electric and electro-mechanical components and wiring harness.
Communications offers products, systems, services and support in network access, digital image transmission/technical security, control systems and software.
Niche Products, here a number of interesting market positions will be built up primarily by acquiring profitable companies in interesting niches and with a large element of proprietary products. Other areas may be of interest.

The operations are conducted in decentralised manner, and each subsidiary is followed-up based on clear objectives. This decentralisation allows for a high degree of independence, with freedom and accountability for each subsidiary’s management, and business decisions made close to the customers and markets. The businesses share a highly qualified technical sales process, selling only to other companies – “business-to-business” (B2B). Each subsidiary strives to develop a leading position in a limited market, product or customer niche.

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